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Yanbing Chen

United State




Bow / Cello / Viola / Violin


Beginner / Intermediate / Advance / Professional



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I have heard cellos of Yanbing Chen on the world’s most important stages in the hands of top players, both in solo and chamber repertoire, and these instruments measure up in every way to some of the greatest cellos I’ve heard of any age or pedigree. Mr. Chen’s inventory, always renewing, of first-class, concert-ready cellos is astounding and should be auditioned by any cellist in the market for a high-performance instrument

David Finckel

Former Cellist of the Emerson Quartet

I own a cello by Y. Chen and had performed on it both recitals and performances with orchestras. I can say that I have only positive feelings about an instrument. It is quite versatile, with quite good tone and powerful projection. In my opinion, it can successfully compete with my already modern instruments

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Narek Hakhnazaryan


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My first impression of Y. Chen cello was its astonishing tone and power. Although it was a newly made cello, Y. Chen cello has a sweet sound in the higher register, supported by the vigorous lower register, which surprised me greatly. Now the Y. Chen cello I own has almost the same rate of appearance as my Guadagnini! I’ve enjoyed the pleasure that my Y. Chen cello brought to be during my recent tour in Germany and Australia. It would be nice to purchase such a famous old cello as Stradivari, Guarneri, and Guadagnini under great financial condition. Under other conditions, however, Y. Chen would become the best partner of all cellists considering its extraordinary quality and stability. I’ve been constantly performing on this cello, and I sincerely recommend it to you! I hope it surprises you as much as it has surprised me!

Li-Wei Qin


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Matt Haimovitz



Paul Katz



Richard Aaron



Yuri Cho


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